This is a collaborative digest of decadence. A continuous river of intoxicated prose and fertile poetry navigated by aesthetes, assholes, hermeneuts, psychonauts, and inebriates. We are proudly apolitical and politically incorrect. We believe in art for art’s sake. We are enraptured by the limitless bounds of the imagination and its penchant for the peculiar, and all the same fascinated by the grit and madness that permeates the everyday. We confront every possible avenue of thought, form, and opinion. We look for traces of the sublime in everything. We want texts that do the same. If the text offends, let it offend to facilitate expression. It must challenge the reader, not only shock or disgust them for shenanigans alone. We want high art. We want low art. We want indulgence, excess, and most of all products of burning creative impulse.

Does this sound like a cesspool you want to swim in?



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