Muck and Muse wants your writing and visual art to add vital pieces to its agglomeration of madness. Punch us square in the gut. Make us question our assumptions. All rights of ownership and copyright are retained by you, the author of the work, and you may request removal of your work from our site at any time by contacting us at the address below. Read the guidelines and descriptions of the appropriate categories below before submitting your work. There are no content restrictions, as long as the work holds redeeming literary or artistic value.

As long as your work is well-written and we consider it a fitting addition to our smorgasbord, we will take all comers. New work is posted on the site in the last week of each month. If you have work accepted, wait three months before submitting again.


Writing must be e-mailed as an attachment in .doc or .rtf format. Please include the title of your work and your name at the top of the document.

PROSE should be double spaced, between five hundred and two thousand words. We want FICTION that is tenacious and/or surreal with a compelling narrative, linear or not. We admire a wide variety of storytellers, but none of them make it easy on us with regard to form or content, often both. Acker, Borges, Burroughs, Celine, Genet, Lautremont, Miller, McCarthy, Mishima, Poe, and even the hard boiled stylings of Jim Thompson.

We welcome NON-FICTION as well. Tell us about those ripe slices of your life that hold strange lessons or simply amaze by the sheer oddity of their occurrence. Drunken exploits. Childhood phantasmagoria. Strange conversations on the bus. A concert where the band ceases to be the focal point and other happenings take hold. Don’t be afraid to make us laugh (or wretch). We will also welcome EDITORIALS and REVIEWS of music, literature, or film (or booze!) if the subject fits with our general interest, and especially if it is an original topic not already saturated with opinion.

POETRY should be single spaced, preferably not to exceed fifty lines, though that is not a rule. We like poetry that is musical and not afraid to play with words, the nature of their inherited meanings, and the sounds they make, while presenting the reader with fresh and striking images. Some of our favorites include Baudelaire, Blake, Bukowski, Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, Plath, Rilke, Rimbaud, Sexton, and Saul Williams.

VISUAL ART (photography, painting, sketches, etc.) should be submitted as a .jpeg file that is at least 300+ dpi, preferably. Please include your name and the title of your work in the body of the e-mail.

All authors/artists may include a short biographical note (50 words or less) in the body of the e-mail when submitting their work if they so wish.



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